American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists – Awards Program

In alignment with its mission to advance the ability of pharmaceutical scientists to develop products and therapies that improve global health, AAPS brings attention to, and celebrates, the most impactful science as well as the scientists who serve as role models in the pharmaceutical science community.

AAPS recognizes science and scientists in three areas that relate to the mission and goals identified in the AAPS Strategic Plan:

  • Scientific Contribution and Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Service

Additionally, AAPS uses its “Enterprise Level” awards to bring recognition to pharmaceutical sciences’ most effective and inspiring leaders. The implementation of these awards are intended to begin an enduring tradition such that the scientists, leaders and volunteers who have shaped the pharmaceutical sciences and AAPS, and have received these distinguished awards, join a line of other significant contributors to the scientific community.

More informations on the Awards

Deadline: 3d May 2023

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