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The European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency invites submissions for its MyGalileoSolution competition.

This boosts the development of location-based solutions leveraging the Galileo tool as a source of positioning, navigation or timing. The competition is divided into two tracks, with one meant for prototype development and the other for fully functional product development. Solutions may be in the area of mobile applications, wearables, asset management, tracking or robotics, and must relate to one of the following themes:

•crisis and emergency response;

•smart transport for the Green Deal;

•solutions for a digital age;


Participation in the contest is open to teams, ideally from one to seven participants, composed of natural persons or legal entities that are citizens of, or registered in EU member states, Switzerland or Norway.

In the first stage of the competition, a total of 30 prizes worth €15,000 and 20 prizes worth €40,000 are available. In the second stage, a total of six additional prizes is available, ranging in worth between €10,000 and €60,000 depending on the track.

Deadline: 30th September 2020

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