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The International Prize for Scientific Research Arrigo Recordati 2022

The International Prize for Scientific Research was established in 2000 in memory of the Italian pharmaceutical entrepreneur Arrigo Recordati to perpetuate his legacy and to inspire biomedical discoveries benefiting people worldwide. Arrigo Recordati strongly believed in the power of research to drive development of the pharmaceutical industry and provide products beneficial to public health
and individual wellbeing.

Over the last fifteen years, Recordati has made the Rare Diseases field a health priority and has increased its commitment worldwide through its dedicated subsidiary Recordati Rare Diseases. The primary focus of Recordati Rare Diseases is to research, develop and market drugs for the treatment of metabolic genetic disorders. Recently, this portfolio has been enhanced with additional innovative products in the area of rare endocrine diseases.

To reflect its strong commitment in the field of endocrinology, Recordati decided that the 2022 edition of Arrigo Recordati International Prize for Scientific Research will be dedicated to the promotion and recognition of excellence in research on pituitary disorders.

Young investigators of all nationalities working in the area of pituitary disorders are eligible. They are typically junior faculty who are not more than ten years from completing their postdoctoral fellowship or clinical specialty fellowship and who are not in any way directly affiliated with a pharmaceutical company.

Basic, translational, and clinical research projects focusing pituitary disorders are eligible.

The winning project will receive a € 100,000 research grant.

Deadline: 31st August 2021

More informations: Recordati Prize – 2022 AwardCall for application


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