Cancer Research UK – Early detection and diagnosis project award

Cancer Research UK invites applications for its early detection and diagnosis project award. This supports research projects that drive a transformational change in how and when early cancers and pre-cancerous states are diagnosed. Projects should aim to detect and diagnose consequential precancerous changes and cancer at the earliest possible point at which an intervention might be made, reducing the burden of late-stage disease. The remit includes the following:

•identification and validation of ED&D markers and understanding of disease trajectory;

•identification of high-risk groups for early detection and diagnosis research and implementation;

•data and computation-driven approaches to ED&D;

•development and use of appropriate preclinical model systems;

•ED&D technology development;

•non-confirmatory clinical trials of early detection and diagnostic technologies or approaches;

•health systems research for ED&D;

•research into clinician behaviour and decision support for ED&D;

•evaluation of impact of early detection and diagnosis policies and interventions;

•research to understand and intervene in the behaviour of the public to enhance early detection and diagnosis;

•research into the health economics of ED&D of cancer.

Scientists, clinicians and healthcare workers in UK universities, medical schools, hospitals, CRUK institutes and other research institutions with some postdoctoral experience, or equivalent, may apply. Multi-institutional proposals are welcome and international and commercial organisations may be included as co-applicants or collaborators.

Awards are worth up to £500,000 each for up to three years, or four years when funding a PhD. Funding may be used for postdoctoral researchers, PhD students, technical staff, associated running expenses and equipment.

Deadline: 14th December 2023.

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