Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute: call on improving methods for conducting patient-centred outcomes research

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute invites letters of intent for its call on improving methods for conducting patient-centred outcomes research. This supports studies that address high-priority methodological gaps and lead to improvements in the strength and quality of evidence generated by patient-centred outcomes research (PCOR) and clinical effectiveness research (CER) studies. Particular attention is given to studies on the following:

  • methods to improve the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in clinical research;
  • methods to improve study design;
  • methods to support data research networks;
  • methods related to ethical and human subjects protections issues in PCOR and CER.

Public and private sector organisations may apply. A prime award contract to a non-US-based organisation must provide a justification for the research’s ability to benefit the US healthcare system and preferably include a key US-based organisation and co-principal investigator as a subcontractor. Individuals may not apply.

The total budget is USD 12 million. Projects may receive up to USD 750,000 each over a maximum period of three years.

Dedaline: 2nd June 2023

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