US Department of Defence – Lung cancer research programme – clinical translational research partnership award

The US Department of Defense, under its lung cancer research programme, invites pre-applications for its clinical translational research partnership award. This supports partnerships between clinicians and research scientists that will accelerate the movement of promising ideas in lung cancer into clinical applications. Funding supports the development of translational research collaborations between two independent, faculty-level, or equivalent, investigators to address a critical problem or question in lung cancer in a manner that would be less readily achievable through separate efforts. Applications must address at least one of the following focus areas:

•innovative strategies for prevention of the occurrence of lung cancer;

•innovative strategies for the screening and early detection;

•molecular mechanisms of initiation and progression to lung cancer;

•contributors to lung cancer development other than tobacco;

•innovative treatment strategies;

•innovative strategies for the prevention of recurrence of or metastases from lung cancer;

•developing or optimising biomarkers markers to assist with therapeutic decision making;

•mechanisms of resistance to treatment;

•innovative strategies for lung cancer care delivery;

•understanding factors that contribute to the health disparities in lung cancer.

All organisations, including international organisations, may apply. PIs must be at or above the level of assistant professor or equivalent. The clinician must be an MD, MD/PhD or equivalent with clinical duties or responsibilities.

The budget is worth approximately USD 3.8 million to fund up to two awards. Awards are worth up to USD 1.2m each for up to three years.

Deadline: 13th July 2022.

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