European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation – grants

The European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation invites applications for different grants:

N-ECCO research grant: this enables inflammatory bowel disease nurses to participate in international research projects across Europe. The aim is to engage nurses who are less experienced in research to conduct more research and be mentored by senior researchers. The PI must be an ECCO member but applicants are not limited to the ECCO member countries and can apply from non-European countries if they clearly state the impact of the proposed project on the IBD community. One award worth €20,000 is available for a period of one year.

ECCO fellowships: these encourage young individuals in their career and to promote innovative scientific research in inflammatory bowel diseases in Europe. Applicants must not be older than 40 years or still in training at the time of application. They must have a hosting institute outside their own country which has accepted to host and supervise them and both the applicant and their hosts must be ECCO members. Applications are not restricted to individuals from ECCO member countries and applicants may be from non-European countries. A total of two awards worth €60,000 each, over one year are available.

ECCO Grants: these support innovative scientific research in the area of inflammatory bowel diseases in Europe. Young basic or clinical scientists up to the age of 40, or above if within five years of finishing gastrointestinal training or PhD graduation. They must be members of the society. Research is usually undertaken at the applicant’s home institution. A total of eight awards, worth €80,000 each, are available for one year.

Deadline: 1st August 2022

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