National Institute on Drug Abuse – Behavioral & Integrative Treatment Development Program

The National Institute on Drug Abuse invites applications for their behavioural and integrative treatment development (R34 clinical trial optional) funding opportunity. This supports research on the development and testing of behavioural and integrative treatments for drug and alcohol use, abuse and dependence. Behavioural treatments includes but is not limited to psychotherapies, cognitive, relapse prevention, remediative, rehabilitative, skills training, counselling, family, and exercise therapies. Screening, brief, computerised, adherence, prevention interventions for HIV risk behaviours, and interventions that target therapist training and fidelity are included.

This funding opportunity uses the NIH planning grant (R34) award mechanism and runs in parallel with one of identical scientific scope, PAR-22-182, which solicits applications under the (R01) research project grant mechanism.

US and foreign for-profit or non-profit organisations and public or private institutions may apply.

Awards are worth up to USD 450,000 over three years, with no more than USD 225,000 in direct costs allowed in any single year.

Deadline: 10th August 2023

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