European Respiratory Society: clinical training fellowships

The European Respiratory Society invites applications for its standard clinical training fellowship.

This enables members in the early stages of their careers in respiratory medicine to visit a host institution in a European country other than their own to learn a skill or procedure not available at their home institution.

The medical training should benefit the home institution when the applicant returns there. Any clinician or healthcare professional of any nationality who is an ERS member and currently employed in a respiratory medical practice may apply. There is no upper age limit for eligibility but preference will be given to applicants who are in the early stages of their career. A return to the home institution is mandatory.

Funding covers living costs of up to € 4,300 per month for up to six months, calculated depending on the host country, up to €700 for travelling expenses and up to € 490 monthly child allowance.

Deadline: 3rd October 2023

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