Marfan Foundation – Awards

The Marfan Foundation invites applications for its two awards:

Innovators award. This supports an innovative concept that has applicability to improving human health. Special areas of interest are basic research, translational studies and clinical studies in signaling or biomechanics of aneurysm and dissection, bone growth, muscle function, pain, pulmonary and ophthalmologic pathology and other pertinent areas. Investigations might consider utilising novel theories, novel animal model systems, artificial intelligence innovation, DNA/RNA technologies in order to identify new target for therapeutic intervention and possible new therapies. Faculty investigators studying any or all disciplines involved in Marfan syndrome, VEDS, EDS, LDS, and other aortic and vascular conditions may apply.
Grants are worth USD 100,000 over two years.

Career Development Award. The Marfan Foundation, Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation and The VEDS Movement invite applications for their career development grant. This supports investigators early in their career to derive preliminary data in a key concept area that has high potential to lead to extended funding from NIH, EU, or other large research funding sources. Special areas of interest are basic research, translational studies and clinical studies in cardiovascular, orthopaedic, pulmonary, pain, ophthalmologic and other pertinent disciplines. Studies can consider novel animal model systems, new DNA or RNA technologies, artificial intelligence innovation, and any synergistic collaborations that may provide identification of new interventional targets and possible new therapies for Marfan syndrome, VEDS, EDS, LDS, and other genetically triggered aortic and vascular conditions. The PI must hold an MD, DO, PhD, ScD, DDS, DVM, or equivalent degree. They must have proven ability to pursue independent research as evidenced by original research publications in peer-reviewed journals. Applicants must have less than seven years experience in a faculty position at the time of application submission and have never received an NIH R01 or similar grant award. Work can be performed in the US or internationally, and non-US appointments are acceptable.
Grants are worth up to USD 50,000 per year for two years.

Deadline: 26th October 2022.

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