Alzheimer’s Research UK – Major projects grants

Alzheimer’s Research UK invites applications for its major project grants. These support research projects on Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. Clinical trials and drug discovery and development are not covered.

The lead applicant and point of contact must be based in a UK academic or research institution, but the application may include researchers or institutions outside the UK. The lead applicant or co-applicant must have a contract that covers the proposed duration of the grant. If the lead applicant does not hold a tenure appointment, the application must include a co-applicant that does.

Grants are worth between £50,000 to £350,000 each for up to five years to cover salaries, equipment, and animal and running costs. Alzheimer’s Research UK can contribute to salaries of co-applicants that do not have tenure or fixed term contracts but not to lead applicant salaries.

Deadline: 25th January 2022

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