The University of Brescia is a centre registered in QUESTIO, Quality Evaluation in Science and Technology for Innovation Opportunity, is an instrument devised by the Lombardy Region to promote the innovation ecosystem as a set of different subjects active in the field of research and innovation through the mapping of research and innovation centers ( CRTT), of Productive Activities and Lombardian Technology Clusters (CTL).

QuESTIO was created to provide visibility to registered subjects:

  • To detect the competences of the Research and Innovation Centers (CRTT) to identify “who does what” in terms of services offered and describes how each Center works through specific indicators.
    To map skills, infrastructures, networks and collaborations of Productive Activities active in the field of innovation:
  • To promote the exchange of knowledge between innovation centers and productive activities, the development of collaborations and networks both within the technical-scientific community, and towards the business world and promotes the services of innovations offered by individuals.