Research Service and Technological Transfer

Stefania Venturi
Responsabile Servizio Ricerca e Trasferimento Tecnologico

Tel. 030.2988368


International research, cooperation and staff mobility

Stefania Venturi

Tel. 030.2988368

Sabrina De Nardi

Tel. 030.2988303

Valentina Chirico

Tel. 030.2988349

Daniela Cagiada

Tel. 030.2989251

Brunella Guatta

Tel. 030.2989252


National research and evaluation of the quality of research

Roberto Protopapa

Tel. 030.2988242

Palmira Violi

Tel. 030.2988332

Gladys Alifraco

Tel. 030.2988318

Silvia Sidoli

Tel. 030.2988303


Technology Transfer and relationships with external bodies

Daniela Valcamonico

Tel. 030.2988245

Emanuela Mongiardo

Tel. 030.2988239