OpenBS – The Research Products archive

OPENBS (Open Archive UniBS) is the institutional archive dedicated to the collection and dissemination of the scientific production of the University of Brescia and is integrated into IRIS, the research data management platform. Within OPENBS there are various types of publications such as: journal articles, volume contributions, curators, conference proceedings, monographs, patents and others.

Access to the personal page
OPENBS allows the University’s teaching staff and researchers to manage their publications in a personal private area, which can be accessed by opening the public OPENBS Catalog page and logging in with their own credentials from the University intranet area.

Why an open catalog
The transition to an Open Archive (institutional archive) is in line with the general orientation, at an international level, to promote the dissemination of quality scientific information, promoting free and free access to research results (Open Access). In addition to the collection and management of scientific production, OPENBS allows its dissemination to the outside through the navigation of public pages and the numerous possibilities for querying and extracting data.

Which publications can be inserted in OPENBS
In the OPENBS Catalog there is the entire scientific production of the University’s teaching staff and researcher, cataloging it according to the different typologies defined by the MIUR. The PDF file of the publications is added to the bibliographic descriptions. If the publication is an article published in a magazine registered by the SHERPA/RoMEO portal, it is possible to dynamically verify if the final version of the publication can be attached and made visible or if the use of pre-print or post-version versions is required. print.

Detailed instructions are provided in the Guidelines.

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