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University Departmens of Excellence

Two Departments of the University of Brescia have been selected by ANVUR as University Departments of Excellence and have been awarded for the period 2018-2022 with part of the fund called “Fund for the financing of university departments of excellence”, which total allocation is 271 million euros:

The two Departments will receive around 16 million euros in the next five years.

For our University 4 Departments were ranked among the  350 Departments that could apply for the selection for the Departments of Excellence as required by Law 232/2016 . This selection aimed at identifying and financing the best 180 Departments of Public Universities.

The selected Departments were:
• Department of Information Engineering
• Department of Molecular and Translational Medicine
• Department of Clinical and Experimental Sciences
• Department of Medical-Surgical Specialties, Radiological Sciences and Public Health

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