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The University of Brescia in order to improve its position in the international scientific community established every year a funding to selct visiting professor support  teaching, dissemination, seminars, exercises and tutoring. Every year announcement is reserved to the teachers and researchers of our University.


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Visiting Professor – Prof. Ulf Erik Carlsson

Frequency Response Function Methods in Acoustics and Vibration Linear systems are an invaluable and very powerful model concept. When dynamic ...
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Visiting Professor – Prof. Alfredo Ferrante

Prof. Alberto Ferrante from Alberto Hurtado University - Santiago del Cile is Visiting Professor of our University for the period: ...
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Visiting Professor – Prof. Manuel Grasso

Prof. Manuel Grasso, from Universidad de Los Andes, Santiago, Cile, is Visiting Professor at the Department of Law from 12/1 ...
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Visiting Professor – Prof. Ramon Vilanova

During his staying at UNIBS (February 2020), prof. Vilanova is going to hold a course entitled ' Plant Wide Control and ...
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Visiting Professor – Prof. Nicolaas Bernardus Roozen

Noise and vibration control is gaining importance for the industrial engineer to meet increasingly strict acoustic requirements. These are imposed ...
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Visiting Professor – Prof. Mark Oliver Lively

Prof. Mark Oliver LIvely, Emeritus of Biochemistry, expert in protein biochemistry, at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC, USA, was ...
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Visiting Professor – prof. Joao Bassin

Prof. Joäo Paulo Bassin is PhD in Environmental Biotechnology (Delft University of Technology), researcher and professor at the Federal University ...
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Visiting Professor – Prof. Sanchoy K Das

Prof. Sanchoy K Das from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (USA) is now Visiting Professor at our Department of ...
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Visiting Professor – Prof. Batinic Bojan

During the month of June, Prof. Bojan Batinić, Assistant Professor in Waste Management - University of Novi Sad (RS) tought  ...
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Visiting Professor – Prof. Thomas Genicon

Prof. Thomas Genicon, full professor of Civil Law at the University of Rennes (France) taught a course on the Reform ...
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