Center for Study and Research of Applied Seismology and Structural Dynamics – CeSiA

Established in May 2006, the CeSiA (Center for Study and Research of Applied Seismology and Structural Dynamics) is a departmental center that has administrative headquarters at the Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Territory and Environment and Mathematics (DICATAM) of the University of Brescia.

The main aims of the Center concern the promotion of studies and research in the field of seismology, including soil-structure interaction, the stability of territorial defense works, seismic micro-zoning, territorial planning in seismic risk areas, prevention and evaluation of seismic risk in industrial plants and infrastructures, development of innovative earthquake-resistant structural solutions.

The mission is to promote the dissemination of scientific knowledge in the field of seismology and the culture of prevention through scientific research, dissemination activities and consultancy services that meet the needs of the territory and are at the height of the international avant-garde of research. In the Center’s vision, the passion for research and love for culture is expressed respectful for the role of the University within the civil society.

The rigor of the scientific method, integrity, diligence and transparency inspire the studies and research of the Center, using the most modern tools in order to contribute to the development of knowledge in the fields of applied seismology and structural dynamics.

Contact: Prof. Alberto Salvadori

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