University center for study and research “Documentation, information and training on drugs”

The aims of the University Center for study and research “Documentation, information and training on drugs” are the following:

  • Promote, support and enhance basic and clinical pharmacological research.
  • Undertake information and education programs to promote knowledge of the peculiar characteristics of the different classes of drugs, in order to promote the safe and appropriate use of medicines.
  • Provide physicians and all healthcare professionals with information on the properties, use and side effects of medications.
  • Organize seminars and scientific conferences to deepen the knowledge of the pharmacological specialties on the market, in particular with regards to the mechanisms of action, therapeutic applications, side effects and toxic effects.
  • Promote pharmacovigilance programs and studies according to training and research plans with general practitioners, freely chosen paediatricians, scientific societies, professional associations and orders and university structures.
  • Establish relations with the Observatories for the continuous updating of the results obtained from clinical trials conducted in Italy and in the world.
  • Promote interaction with the community of patient associations, with the medical-scientific world and with manufacturing and distribution companies.

Contact person: Prof. Maurizio Memo

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