Laboratory Observatory on Gender Studies (LOG)

The “Laboratory-Observatory on Gender Studies” (LOG) is a Center with administrative headquarters at the Department of Law.

LOG promotes, coordinates and develops research and/or training activities; manages and/or provides services of general interest for the University within the scope of the purposes identified below.
LOG has institutional purposes aimed at:

1. develop research activities in the field of gender studies and equality;
2. develop actions for:

  • remove barriers for women at entry and career progression in research;
  • balance gender difference in decision-making bodies;
  • strengthen the dimension of gender study in study programs;
  • develop strategies against gender bias;
  • highlight the advantages of gender equality for scientific research and for collective life.

3. develop contacts both with social organizations and with institutions in order to shape a network
aimed at achieving the objectives indicated in the previous points;
4. organize seminars and study conventions within the sector of interest of the LOG;
5. organize and carry out educational activities, also post-graduate, according to the objectives of the LOG;
6. develop collaboration activities with national and international centers with similar areas of interest, in particular: to promote and coordinate the exchange at the local, national and international level of information and initiatives aimed at promoting interdisciplinary collaborations for the realization of purpose of the LOG, activating or promoting the appropriate organizational tools as well as conventions and agreements with public and private bodies, Italians and foreigners;
7. develop collaboration and research activities for gender equality in the workplace e in the enterprise.

Contact: Prof.ssa Susanna Pozzolo

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