Unlocking the power of Scopus AI: a demo session for enhanced research efficiency – 22 aprile 2024

Discover Scopus AI: your gateway to trusted research content.
Join us for an exclusive unveiling of Scopus AI, the cutting-edge search tool that revolutionizes your research journey.

Why Attend?
– Efficiency Redefined: Experience unparalleled speed and clarity in your search for knowledge. Save valuable time and accelerate your research process with Scopus AI.
– Trusted Content: Rely on a wealth of trusted data curated by experts. With Scopus AI, access a repository of high-quality information that fuels your insights.
– Responsible AI: Navigate essential practices in responsible Gen AI. We prioritize ethical and transparent AI usage, ensuring the integrity of your research endeavors.
– Community and Collaboration: Connect with like-minded researchers and foster collaborations across disciplines. Together, we break down barriers and pave the way for collective advancement.

How can Scopus AI help researchers? 

  • Get relevant responses based on recent, trusted knowledge
  • Save time with reliable and digestible research summarization
  • Build and deepen new knowledge with unique features
  • Get a bird’s-eye view of the topic space and a more complete picture of your theme and its relation to other research areas
  • Find the top researchers linked to your query and generate a summary of their work and contributions
  • Learn more about the responsible use of AI by visiting our website Scopus AI.

Register now: https://webinars.elsevier.com/elsevier/Discover-Scopus-AI-your-gateway-to-trusted-research-content?utm_bmcr_source=Email



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