Visiting Professor – Prof. Ulf Erik Carlsson

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Frequency Response Function Methods in Acoustics and Vibration Linear systems are an invaluable and very powerful model concept. When dynamic systems are modelled as linear, frequency response functions are one of the most important analysis tools. Questions like “What is this system’s vibration (or acoustic) response to this excitation?” can be answered with a frequency response function model of the system. Reliable and useful results require solid knowledge on how the model can be used and its limitations. Almost all dynamic systems display resonant responses at certain conditions. Resonant vibrations in vehicle drivelines, machine components or high precision manufacturing systems, can be detrimental for the system and its function. From its frequency response functions a model describing the system’s resonant response can be extracted. This type of model is useful for detecting a resonance related problem and can suggest design modifications to remove it. The course provided a firm knowledge on how to use frequency response functions to model the vibrations and acoustics of a system.