Dravet Syndrome Foundation: research grant awards

These grants are intended for established, experienced, independent investigators affiliated with a research or academic institution whose proposed projects investigate hypotheses directly related to Dravet syndrome. Proposals are scored according to NIH guidelines based on the quality of preliminary data, research design, feasibility, investigator’s qualifications, and overall impact. Grants are awarded for $150,000 over 2 years (beginning January 1 of each year), with indirect costs not to exceed 10% of the award.

Investigators applying for a research grant should ensure their proposed project addresses the needs of the Dravet syndrome community and DSF’s mission to support research toward better treatments and a cure for Dravet syndrome.

2021 priority areas include:

  • Understanding the mechanisms of epileptogenesis in Dravet syndrome.
  • Development of enhanced models to study Dravet syndrome.
  • Understanding of the cellular, molecular, and genetic mechanisms that contribute to the pathogenesis of Dravet syndrome.
  • Revealing causes and interventions for comorbidities in Dravet syndrome.
  • Understanding causes and developing interventions for SUDEP.
  • Development of novel treatments and interventions that will prevent the onset or halt the progression of Dravet syndrome. This includes research that may overcome the current size and delivery hurdles for gene-therapy approaches.

Deadline: 10th September 2021

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