My Galileo drone contest

The European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency invites applications for its my Galileo drone contest. This supports projects that aim to design, develop, test and prepare for commercial launch a drone based application or service able to provide a position or time fix by using Galileo-enabled receiver. Applications may target one of the following development areas:

  • urban air mobility – personal transportation services in urban areas;
  • parcel delivery and eCommerce – support to post services or transport of goods;
  • infrastructure and inspection – power grid, transport network energy distribution, solar panels inspection, offshore platforms and wind farms;
  • leisure – toys, aero-modelling, drone racing, self-tracking and first person view filming drones;
  • maritime surveillance – provision of a situational awareness in maritime areas through long-endurance drones;
  • agriculture – precision agriculture, crop, field and soil monitoring, variable rate applications, livestock tracking, insurance, forest monitoring and management;
  • surveying – cadastral surveying, mining, marine surveying, geographic information system, photogrammetry;
  • emergency management – support to search and rescue operations, firefighting, other natural disaster monitoring, patrol and security;
  • scientific applications – meteorological monitoring, atmospheric measurements, swarm techniques and general R&D;
  • traffic management – flight planning, tracking, assistance to deconfliction, separation, surveillance, traffic information, capacity management, interface with air traffic control and manned aviation;
  • u-space services – e-identification, geoawareness, geofencing, operation planning, detect and avoid, incident reporting as well as other supporting future drone operations;
  • other applications – aviation navigational aids, asses management, advertisement, marketing and entertainment.

Natural persons and legal entities from EU member states, Switzerland or Norway may apply. Teams may consist of one to seven participants.

Four prizes are available worth € 100,000, € 60,000, € 40,000 and € 30,000.

Deadline: 31st August 2020

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