Gerda Henkel foundation – call for applications ‘Transformations of Democracy? Or: Contours of Future Democratic Society’

The Gerda Henkel Foundation is complementing its funding programme for historically oriented research on democracy with a second subsection, which is geared towards the analysis of the present situation and predictions for the future of democracy.

The funding programme is designed to be interdisciplinary and to support post-doctoral researchers based at a university and working in the areas of the humanities and social sciences.

With its “Transformations of Democracy? Or: Contours of Future Democratic Society” initiative the Foundation is encouraging debates on the ‘future’ society. In three broad and interwoven dimensions – political, technological, social – processes of profound transformation may be traced and discussed. The Foundation is looking for innovative research questions and ways of working that tackle these challenges and make initial forays into descriptive, explanatory or even prognostic propositions

We would be much obliged if you could draw attention at your university to this funding initiative.

The deadline for submissions is 2 May 2022.

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