Horizon Europe: new templates for IA and RIA actions

With the approval of the Horizon Europe program at the gates – scheduled for the end of April 2021 – and the subsequent adoption and publication of the Work Plans, the Commission has decided to announce the new template to be used in the RIA and IA proposals: https: //bit.ly/3tBGKeu

The new form contains some important changes compared to the version used in Horizon 2020.

While the division remains in Part A – dedicated to administrative aspects – and in Part B – which instead contains the technical-scientific details of the proposal – there is a review of the sections contained within them.

Here are some of the most important news:

  • Part B now contains only the first 3 sections that we have already known in Horizon 2020 (Excellence, Impact and Implementation) but the page limit for complete proposals is reduced to 45 (instead of 70).
  • The Excellence part now contains only two chapters, including the part relating to data management and the Data Management Plan.
  • The Impact section is partially revisited: in addition to some changes in the first chapter (which is now called “Project’s pathways towards impact”), the form is enriched with a new and final chapter (“Summary”) with which it is requested proposers to systematize what is presented in the first two parts of the Impact through the use of a specific canvas, which relates target groups, needs, results, products, communication and dissemination measures and impacts.
  • Part A of the form – the compilation of which continues to be online – substantially absorbs sections 4 and 5 that we found in Horizon 2020 and, moreover, requires the presence of the Gender Equity Plan in the proposing entities (and the presence of this plan will become a criterion for eligibility for public bodies, universities and research centers starting from the calls of 2022). Finally, the ethics questionnaire presents an additional point dedicated to Artificial Intelligence.
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