European Digital Program approved

The European Parliament has approved the Digital Europe program (DEP or DIGITAL), thus consolidating the budget agreed in December, with a total amount of 7.58 billion euros (at current prices). The program will finance the increase in the capacity of European supercomputing and data processing (€ 2.2 billion) and will make supercomputing more accessible and user-friendly for public health, in particular for health, environment, security and industry and in particular for SMEs. It will strengthen and support artificial intelligence testing and experimentation in the health and mobility sectors and will encourage Member States to cooperate in this area, with the aim of creating a European data space. Businesses and public administrations will also be able to use artificial intelligence (€ 2 billion). 1.6 billion euros are dedicated to cyber security, to strengthen coordination between Member States, to strengthen Europe’s capacities and support the spread of technology, and cybersecurity expertise across the economy, through initiatives such as the Competence Center and the EU Cybersecurity Network. The program will also support digital training, in order to equip students and workers with the advanced digital skills needed in an ever-changing market. More information:
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