National Science Foundation – Human networks and data science – core research

The National Science Foundation, under its Directorate for Social, Behavioural and Economic (SBE) Science, invites proposals for its core research under its human networks and data science programme. This supports proposals that advance theory in a core SBE discipline by the application of data and network science methods, including the leveraging of large data sets with diverse spatio-temporal scales of measurement and linked qualitative and quantitative approaches, as well as multi-scale, multi-level network data and techniques of network analysis. Supported projects are expected to yield results that will enhance, expand, and transform theory and methods, and that generate novel understandings of human behaviour, particularly understandings that can improve the outcomes of significant societal opportunities and challenges. HNDS-R encourages core research proposals that make innovative use of NSF-supported data networks, data bases, centers, and other forms of scientific infrastructure including those developed by HNDS-I projects.

Proposals should be submitted through any core disciplinary programme within SBE. Foreign organisations may apply in consortium with US organisations. The proposer must explain why local support is not feasible and why the foreign organisation can carry out the activity more effectively.

Between approximately five and 20 awards are available, each worth up to USD 1,2 million per year.

Deadline: 11th January 2024.

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