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Italian Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation (FFC)– Call For Grant Applications Year 2022

The Italian Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation (FFC Ricerca) funds research projects
that have the ultimate aim to improve the health status of persons with cystic fibrosis
(CF) and to provide a breakthrough in the understanding of molecular basis of the

Research proposals in which translational objectives are clearly evident will be

Accordingly, research projects dealing with either clinical studies or preclinical studies exploiting animal models of CF are encouraged.

FFC Ricerca also encourages projects focused on studies on rare mutations
and/or mutations not susceptible to current available modulators.

The maximum budget request cannot exceed € 130.000,00 for 2-years projects and €
70.000 for one-year projects.

The awarding of funds will be formally decided by the FFC Ricerca Board of Governors
and communicated on assignment. As a rule, funds are given to the PI and not to the
Institution where he/she intends to carry out the funded project.
The FFC Ricerca will manage directly the funds according to the PI’s or Coordinator’s

Applications must be written in detail and submitted only through the dedicated online

Applications must be submitted through this platform by midnight of 15th February 2022.


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