AIRC – Bridge Grant Call for Proposals 2022

In 2022, AIRC is launching a new funding scheme for MFAG and Start-Up grantees in their final year of funding: the AIRC Bridge Grants. Through this one-year award, AIRC aims to support StartUp and MFAG grantees at a critical juncture in their career, when a bridge funding may help the most meritorious young investigators finalize their studies and publications without driving away from their line of research in the last year of their grant, thus being better prepared for applications in response to funding schemes for established researchers.

The grant, which is up to € 100.000 for a one-year period, will start on 2nd January 2023 and will be awarded once in a lifetime.

Principal Investigators (PIs), cannot have more than one active AIRC individual grant at the same time. Nevertheless, they can apply to this Call if their active grant is in its final year.
Only one application per applicant can be submitted within the 2022 AIRC Calls for individual grants.
The same research project cannot be presented by more than one applicant within the 2022 AIRC Calls.

To be eligible, applicants must satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be holders of MFAG or Start-Up Grants in their final year of funding;
  • Have at least 3 primary research papers as first/co-first, last/co-last or corresponding/cocorresponding author

Bridge Grant projects are encouraged to be carried out in the same Hosting Institution (HI) where the current MFAG or Start-Up project is being carried out.

PIs must meet criteria for substantial presence (at least 70% of their time each year) in the hosting institution during the funding period.

To apply for a Bridge Grant, eligible MFAG and Start-Up PIs will have to submit:

• A detailed Scientific Progress Report;

• An Extension Research Plan (max 3 pages).

Funded projects will officially start on 2nd January 2023 and terminate on 1st January 2024. The grant is up
to € 100.000, for a one-year period.

AIRC supports 100% of the additional costs generated by a funded project.

Deadlines for applications (by 17:00 Central European Time, of the indicated dates);
Online submission March 7, 2022
Online submission with digital signature of the PI and Legal Representative March 21, 2022
Notification of results November 30, 2022
Start of grants January 2, 2023

Both the PI and the Legal Representative must digitally sign the application.



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