Melanoma research programme: mid-career accelerator award

The US Department of Defense, under its melanoma research programme, invites pre-applications for its mid-career accelerator award. This supports independent, mid-career investigators to conduct impactful research in the field of melanoma.

Applications must address at least one of the following focus areas:

  • identifying methods to decrease risk of melanoma development beyond sunscreen and protective clothing;
  • identifying and understanding risk factor determinants for melanoma;
  • identifying how the tumour microenvironment impacts tumour initiation, response to therapy, progression and dormancy;
  • understanding how precursor lesions and endogenous host factors may lead to melanomagenesis;
  • developing new decision-making tools for the detection and diagnosis of melanoma that includes easily accessible technology for primary care physicians and dermatologists;
  • developing prediction and surveillance tools for distinguishing patient at risk for recurrence or metastasis;
  • understanding mechanisms that underlie metastatic spread to different sites or the different distant sites of metastasis from acral, mucosal and uveal melanomas;
  • delineating the molecular pathways, tumor microenvironment, immune response that influence metastatic spread, recurrence or dormancy.

Independent investigators at or above the level of assistant professor based at any organisation anywhere in the world may apply. They must be at least seven years after their first faculty appointment and must have received at least one peer-reviewed extramural funding award.

The total budget is worth USD 4.8 million to fund four awards. Grants are worth up to USD 750,000 each for up to three years.

Dedaline (forecast) :16th June 2022

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