Cystic Fibrosis Foundation – Biological Basis for CF-Related Diabetes ProgramCystic Fibrosis Foundation

The intent of this request for applications is to solicit and fund projects that will improve our understanding of the biological basis for the development and progression of cystic fibrosis-related diabetes as well as to identify potential novel therapeutic strategies to manage and treat the disease.

To better understand the biological underpinnings of CFRD, we are soliciting applications for basic research projects on the topic. Topics of interest to the CF Foundation include — but are not limited to — the following:

  • Exocrine/endocrine interactions including:Absent/altered acinar cell signaling
    Incretins and enteroinsular axis
    Impact of exocrine pancreatic disease on endocrine pancreas
    Altered/remodeled innervation and vasculature that impact islet function
  • Relationships between islet cells, inflammation, vasculature, macrophages, adipose tissue and development of CFRD
  • Cellular pathways for islet maintenance
  • Redox imbalance and inflammatory states that contribute to CFRD development and progression
    CFTR-modulator reversible and non-reversible disease components:
    Prevention, delayed development, halting progression, disease reversal
    Knowledge and gaps regarding CFTR modulator impact on pancreatic disease across the lifespan
    Impact of early modulator use on pancreatic function
  • Relative CFTR modulation across CFTR-expressing tissues that may contribute to CFRD
  • Genes and pathways contributing to CFRD pathophysiology/pathogenesis including:
  • Genetic modifiers and tissues of expression
    Potential to impact genetic modifier targets.

Deadline: 19th July 2023

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