The Marfan Foundation – Innovator Awards

The Marfan Foundation invites applications for its innovators award. This supports an innovative concept that has applicability to improving human health. Special areas of interest are basic research, translational studies and clinical studies in signaling or biomechanics of aneurysm and dissection, bone growth, muscle function, pain, pulmonary and ophthalmologic pathology and other pertinent areas. Investigations might consider utilising novel theories, novel animal model systems, artificial intelligence innovation, DNA/RNA technologies in order to identify new target for therapeutic intervention and possible new therapies.

Faculty investigators studying any or all disciplines involved in Marfan syndrome, VEDS, EDS, LDS, and other aortic and vascular conditions may apply.
Grants are worth USD 100,000 over two years.

Deadline: 25 October 2023.

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