KKLF – Project Grants

Grants will be awarded for research on aspects of leukaemia and for relevant studies on related haematological malignancies. Requests for support for basic science programmes may be considered. Clinical trials will not be supported. Proposals which are closely related to the prevention, diagnosis, or therapy of leukaemia and related diseases are particularly encouraged.

Grants are usually awarded to give additional support to programmes already underway, the aim being to further strengthen activities which are already of high quality. It follows that the KKLF will accept proposals from groups which already have support from other agencies.

The trustees will consider proposals from both UK and non-UK based organisations where the work to be funded is based primarily within the UK. A preliminary letter or telephone call to the administration offices of the Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund, or to one of its scientific advisers, may be helpful to determine whether or not a proposal is likely to be eligible.

Applicants should complete the approved Application Form and include a research proposal (aims, background, plan of investigation, justification for budget.) The research proposal should be 35 single-spaced pages for project grants (excluding references, costings, and CVs). Applications should be submitted by email in addition to providing a hard copy with original signatures.

Deadline: 28th February and 27 August (Extended deadline due to Covid-19).

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