Fritz Thyssen Foundation – Support of Projects

Support of projects by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation focuses on scholars in the humanities, social science and biomedicine fields.

The planned project should be limited in terms of the subject and time.

An application can be filed in the following areas of support:

  • History, Language & Culture
  • The interdisciplinary field “Image and Imagery”
  • State, Economy and Society
  • The interdisciplinary field “International Relations”
  • Medicine and the Natural Science

Applications can generally only be accepted if they come from universities or non-profit research institutions. Applications may be filed with the foundation by one or more applicants with a doctoral/post-doctoral degree.

The planned project can generally stretch over a working period of up to three years. If approved, financial resources are usually provided initially for two years; an application for an extension might need to be filed for the final third project year.

The applicant must be actively involved in the research work plan for the project. Projects which are solely aimed at completing doctoral dissertations are not supported by the foundation.

Deadline: 15th February, 15th September each year

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