Parkinson’s Foundation – Institutional movement disorder fellowship – research centres of excellence

The Parkinson’s Foundation, under its institutional movement disorder fellowship programme, invites applications for its research centres of excellence funding opportunity. This supports innovative team science at institutions working on a thematic area of Parkinson’s disease. Proposals must tackle critical issues or problems that are impeding progress in the field of Parkinson’s disease research. Preference will be given to applications which demonstrate cross-departmental or cross-institutional collaboration.

Institutions that have or can recruit a team of scientists working in the field of Parkinson’s disease may apply. Each team should have at least three PIs at the faculty-level and may also include postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and research technicians. Institutions that already have centre funding from or are developing a proposal for another mechanism must state and justify how the funding will be utilised to leverage existing support. At least one of the projects proposed must be new.

Grants are worth USD 500,000 each per year over four years. Of this, USD 50,000 per year must be reserved for pilot work and new collaborations.

Deadline: 6th January 2020.

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