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The University of Brescia at the forefront of the drafting of the Vademecum COVID-19 of SIMIT – Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases

The “Vademecum for the treatment of people with COVID-19 disease” was prepared by the Lombard section of SIMIT – Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases with the aim of supporting clinicians in therapeutic decisions. Involved in the definition of the document, within the «Collaborative Group – COVID-19 Lombardy Therapy» made up of 46 specialists from the main Lombard hospitals, many teachers and researchers from the three Departments of Medicine of the University of Brescia who work at the Civil hospital of Brescia.
They are part of the editorial coordination of the «Collaborative Group – Therapy COVID-19 Lombardia» of SIMIT, prof. Francesco Castelli, Dr. Emanuele Focà (Operative Unit of Infectious Diseases) and prof. Nicola Latronico (Operating Unit of Anesthesia and Resuscitation 2); by the editorial staff, prof. Alberto Matteelli (Operative Unit of Infectious Diseases), prof. Francesco Rasulo and Dr. Simone Piva (Operating Unit of Anesthesia and Resuscitation 2); of the working group “Tocilizumab and other biotechnological drugs”, professors Laura Andreoli and Franco Franceschini (Operational Unit of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology) and Dr. Emirena Michela Garrafa (Laboratory of Clinical Chemical Analysis).
A confirmation of the excellence of the scientific community of the University of Brescia, involved at the forefront in the management of this emergency, both nationally and internationally.

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