EFSD/Boehringer Ingelheim European Research Programme on “Multi-System Challenges in Diabetes”

EFSD has established this independent research programme called the EFSD/Boehringer Ingelheim European Research Programme on “Multi-System Challenges of Diabetes” to encourage projects aimed at advancing current knowledge in the inter-organ crosstalk and related pathophysiology in Diabetes and its complications through innovative basic or clinical research.

This EFSD/Boehringer Ingelheim European Diabetes Research Programme is intended to stimulate and accelerate European research on the interrelation and crosstalk of different organs e.g. heart, kidney, pancreas, gut, liver and brain and related pathophysiology in diabetes and its complications and the impact of therapeutic interventions for this complex condition.

Research will be supported through the award of research grants up to Euro 100,000 for basic and/or clinical research projects with the exclusion of clinical trials.

The duration of each award may be one year or longer, depending upon the needs of the project and as justified in the application.

The deadline for receipt of research grant applications for funding this year is 27 May 2024.

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