New call for proposal on pediatric cancer: treatment and diagnosis

The Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology invites proposals for its PPPA-2021-AIPC call for developing artificial intelligence for diagnosis and treatment of paediatric cancer. This supports the development of multi-national approaches to facilitate capturing data on paediatric cancer from multiple sources and to build a multi-stakeholder network to explore the applications of artificial intelligence technologies in paediatric cancer.

The project should focus on multiple applications, for example radiological imaging, digital pathology, digital twins, integrated genotyping and outcome prediction algorithms and clinical decision-making. Eligible activities include conferences and seminars, awareness and dissemination actions, creation and improvement of networks, studies, analyses and mapping projects, and research activities.

Non-profit private or public organisations, for-profit private organisations with relevant expertise, universities and research centres established in EU member states or EEA countries, may apply. Consortia must consist of at least five legal entities from at least three different countries.

One grant is available, worth up to €1.3 million over a maximum period of one year. Funding may cover up to 75 per cent of eligible costs.

Call for proposal:

Deadline: 20th June 2021

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