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Cariplo-Telethon Alliance – Joint Call for Applications 2022

Fondazione Cariplo (FC) and Fondazione Telethon (FT) made an alliance to foster basic research to support projects focused on unknown aspects of rare diseases.

Application Submission Deadline: September 21st, 2022

It is highly recommended to insert and save the title by July 29th.

The title can be modified before the submission.

Forms available on the Telethon grants portal http://projects.telethon.it

This call  is in support of basic research projects focusing on the study of genes/gene families, proteins, and RNA molecules whose function is unknown in rare diseases of genetic (both monogenic and  polygenic) andnon – genetic origin.

Only research proposals submitted by investigators working either in public or private Italian non-profit  research Institutions are eligible.

Applicants are identified as Lead Applicant (in charge of creating and submitting the Application) and Partner (invited by the Lead Applicant). Only one partner is allowed.

If a Researcher is invited to participate in an Application as Partner, he/she will be informed by email.

Applicants can apply with one research project only.

The maximum total budget allowed for each research project is 250,000 €.

Applicants are allowed to ask for a salary of up to 50% of the direct cost of the total budget.

The duration of the proposed project can range from 1 to 2 years.

The Host Institution will have to approve the Application, within the online platform before  submission, declaring that the Lead Applicant is authorized to submit such Application on its  behalf.

The eligible projects will undergo the following peer review evaluation steps:

  • Phase I (If needed): Triage
  • Phase II: Full Review
  • Phase III: Study Section
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