Lorentz Center

Lorentz Center – chemistry competition

Every year the Lorentz Center invites applications by tenure track researchers and post docs for the Lorentz Center Chemistry workshop competition. The winning workshop is be supported by and organized at the Lorentz Center, Leiden, the Netherlands.

The winning proposal is on a cutting-edge topic from any area of chemistry research. The topic can be mono- or multidisciplinary and we encourage topics that bring together researchers from the academic community and the public/private sector.

What we seek

  • the main applicant is from academia, pursuing her/his postdoc or tenure track in the Netherlands
  • an innovative scientific program, that takes us beyond current boundaries
  • an open and interactive format, with few lectures
  • at least one scientific organizer based outside the Netherlands 

What we offer

  • a 5-day workshop at the Lorentz Center in 2024
  • workshop budget for e.g. travel and accommodation reimbursements up to 15 k€
  • no registration fees or other organizational costs
  • a professional support organization, under the philosophy ‘you do the research, we do the rest’


Please find answers to several FAQ’s here.

Or contact:
Shirin Faraji, chair Chemistry Board Lorentz Center, s.s.faraji@rug.nl
Anna Tudos, manager Lorentz Center, tudos@lorentzcenter.nl

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