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Guido Berlucchi Foundation Mini-Grant Programme Call 2023

The Guido Berlucchi Foundation Mini-Grant Programme 2023 aims to support young Principal Investigators performing basic research in oncology by financing laboratory running costs.

Applications can be submitted from March 17th to May 16th, 2023, at 13:00 (Central European Time). Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

The Guido Berlucchi Foundation Mini-Grant Programme is open to researchers here referred to as Principal Investigators (PI) with a doctoral degree (PhD) or equivalent degree, including medical speciality, or at least 5 years of postgraduate research experience.

Applicants, of any nationality, must be 40 years old or younger by the time of the call deadline.

The PI must have at least 3 publications as first/last author and cannot have funded grants of a total amount higher than 40,000 euros valid in the 12 months after the call deadline.

The project should be knowledge gain-driven and focused on basic oncologic research.

The Guido Berlucchi Foundation Mini-Grant is a 35,000-euro contribution to laboratory running costs to be spent within maximum 24 month from the first instalment.

The PI must work in an Italian public or private no-profit Organisation at the time of application.

The hosting Organization must not apply more than 7% overheads withhold on the Mini-Grant and must guarantee the availability of working space and materials for the PI’s project.

Applicants should submit their Application in the “Bandi” area of the before the deadline.


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