Joint Funding Call 2023: Repurposing therapies for EB

We are delighted to announce that DEBRA Austria and LifeArc, are partnering to commit £2.5 million to fund projects to repurpose therapeutics that can be brought rapidly to patients suffering from Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).

Expressions-of-interest (EOI) are now being invited from research groups based at academic institutions or hospitals worldwide. There will be a priority focus on chronic inflammation, fibrosis and cancer initiation in EB. Projects should involve therapeutics that can be repurposed or repositioned, and are based on at least a strong non-clinical data package with a clear path to clinical development.

More about the call
Chronic inflammation and non-healing wounds, and the consequent fibrosis and skin cancer initiation in severe disease subtypes, are a clear unmet need for people with EB.
We are looking for projects to progress well-evidenced therapeutics that can be repurposed / repositioned towards clinical testing, to deliver:

        Increased resolution of non-healing wounds
        Prevention and / or reduction of chronic inflammation
        Inhibition and / or reduction of fibrosis
        Decreased risk of squamous cell carcinoma initiation in EB

Projects should seek to develop therapeutics that are repurposed or repositioned, including reformulation, or have been deprioritised in development but have sufficient justification to allow them to be developed for EB. The projects should take advantage of molecules that have sufficient data, which include toxicity and PK/PD in the primary indication, to provide the basis to support rapid progress to patient treatment. Proposals should present a clear rationale with evidence for clinical value in treating EB.

Research groups employed by academic institutions, or hospitals, worldwide, are eligible to apply for funding. Collaboration among research groups is strongly encouraged to ensure all expertise needed is optimised, and familiarity with EB as a disease is included. Collaboration with industry is also encouraged, but the lead organisation must be non-commercial, and commercial partners cannot request funding.

Further information about the call, applicant eligibility, research scope and exclusions, applicant process and guidance, may be found in the Call Guidance document

A two-stage process will be used to select projects, with an initial expression-of-interest (EOI), followed by an invited full application.

EOI opens on 10 July 2023 and closes 10 September 2023.

More information and to apply

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