Osteology Foundation – Advanced Researcher Grant

The Osteology Foundation intends to promote applied research so that new developments and treatment concepts can be made available at practice level more quickly and backed by sufficient testing. For this reason, the Osteology Foundation gives financial support of scientific projects in the field of hard and soft tissue regeneration in oral and maxillofacial surgery within the Advanced Researcher Grants.

The research projects must serve the purpose of the Osteology Foundation. Examples of favorable selection criteria are:

  • Testing of biological materials
  • Clinically relevant issues in the field of tissue regeneration
  • Expanding the knowledge base on questions underlying indications in oral- and maxillofacial areas.

First short abstract applications should be submitted by the researchers using the online abstract application system. Based on the pre-evaluation result, the best project proposals will be selected and the respective researchers will be invited to submit a complete main application.

In general, grants will be limited to CHF 100,000 (CHF = Swiss Francs) with a maximum project duration of two years. Only project-related costs may be requested. The Osteology Foundation does not finance infrastructure or basic equipment at research institutions. Investigators’ salaries will not normally be approved by the Osteology Foundation. Exceptions might only be made for external, directly project-related personnel costs. Overhead contributions are only made up to a maximum of 10% of the total project costs. As a prerequisite for funding of any overhead costs the investigator must submit a copy of the official overhead regulations with the main application. Financial support from organizations other than the Osteology Foundation must be disclosed within the application and it must be made clear how this will affect the overall budget.

Deadline: 15th June and 1st December every year.

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