AAL – Smart aging prize

ERA-Net Active Assisted Living Joint Programme invites applications for its smart ageing prize. This enables selected applications to develop their business propositions for solutions that empower citizens of the age of 60 and over to engage in entrepreneurship. The prize includes non-financial support such as workshops, networking and coaching at the semi-finalist event.

Individuals over the age of 18, groups and organisations located in EU member states, Canada, Taiwan and Horizon2020 associated countries, may apply. Applicants must have a working demonstration, tested and validated by a significant number of potential end users by the time of applying.

Up to 15 semi-finalists will receive a €500 product or prototype development grant as well as a travel grant to attend an academy event. Three prizes are available, the first prize is worth €35,000, the first runner up prize is worth €10,000 and the second runner up prize is worth €5,000.

Deadline: 26th February 2020.

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