Call for proposals on the fight against corruption

The Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs invites proposals for its call on the fight against corruption. This supports projects in the area of corruption. The following activities are supported:

  • activities supporting the fight against corruption in budgeting and public procurement at local levels;
  • risk assessment and prevention of corruption in sectors with high corruption risk;
  • prevention of the use of financial and professional services for laundering proceeds of corruption;
  • activities offering support for civil society and citizens to expose corrupt practices;
  • activities supporting and providing legal aid and technical assistance for whistle-blowers;
  • research on methodology aiming at exposing corruption in law making and law enforcement.

Projects must address at least one of the following priorities: preventing corruption in high risk sectors; assessing the impact of implemented anti-corruption measures; enhancing the effectiveness of corruption prosecution; enhancing the crosslinks with the risks of organised crime infiltration in the public systems with corruption as enabling element; implementing best practices across the EU.

Public bodies and non-profit private entities based in EU member states with the exception of Denmark and the UK may apply as lead or co-applicants. International organisations may apply only as co-applicants but may be based elsewhere. Projects must involve at least two eligible entities established in two different member states.

The total budget is worth €2.5 million. Projects must request at least €250,000 for up to two years.

Deadline: 25th February 2021

Funding & tenders (

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