The cogito foundation – research grants 2021

To study the gap between the Sciences and the Humanities as well as to bridge it, the cogito foundation funds research projects of a cross-disciplinary nature.

Renowned researchers may submit a research project. The grantee is responsible for the selection of the personnel (graduate students, assistants, professionals). The project is embedded in an academic institution (University). The foundation does not pay overhead or infrastructure. Criteria for the grant decision are the scientific quality of the project and the qualifications of the Principal Investigator.

Research projects can be granted for a maximum period of three years, projects with a longer duration need to submit a separate continuation proposal. Usually research projects are granted for a one to two year period. As can be seen from the graph below, the amounts granted vary around 50’000 CHF and rarely exceed 100’000 CHF.

Deadline:1st May and 1st October every year

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