Universities advised to cease cooperation with Russia

As academics across the world debate whether to completely ban Russian scientists from international projects, Europe’s largest university association has decided to “cease contact and collaboration” with government agencies in Russia and any other country backing the invasion in Ukraine.

The European University Association (EUA) advised its members to “verify and ensure” they engage in new cooperation projects only with Russian organisations which are committed to “shared European values”. The EUA has 16 members in Russia.

The EUA noted many Russian academics have spoken against the war, despite the government’s crackdown on anti-war protesters. EUA “advises member universities to ensure on a case-by-case basis that the continuation of existing collaborations is appropriate at this time, using national and European-level policy guidance where relevant to assess this,” the statement said.

The EUA will convene national rectors conferences from across Europe to come up with a coordinated pan for helping Ukrainian members of the EUA in partnership with Scholars at Risk and the Magna Charta Observatory, a body that upholds academic freedom.

(Fonte: Science Business)

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