EFSD/Novo Nordisk precision diabetes medicine award programme

The European Association for the Study of Diabetes, through the European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes, and the Novo Nordisk Foundation invite applications for their precision diabetes medicine award programme. This supports research projects on precision diabetes medicine. The aim is to accelerate important fields of translational research and to improve the speed of innovation implementation in diabetes care. Projects should have a clear translational focus and bring basic knowledge to use at the patient level in terms of, for example, disease prognosis, treatment prediction or patient stratification.

Applications are invited from non-profit institutions alone or in a consortia. Clinicians and basic scientists may apply. Applications must be made by a PI and up to two co-investigators. The PI must be an EASD member.

One award worth DKK 2 million and two awards worth DKK 500,000 each are available each year.

Deadline: 15th May 2023.

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